Planted in 2021, the lavender field at Within You Farm features over 900 lavender plants across 5 cultivares. Grown with intention and enjoyed with gratitude in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.

  • Early Spring

    In the Spring, Lavender is pruned back and prepared for the growing season.

  • Late Spring

    By the end of Spring, the days are getting longer and buds are beginning to form.

  • Early Summer

    The lavender plants fill out and start to show their purple hue.

  • Mid-Summer

    By the solstice, the field is alive with activity and enjoyed by all.

  • Late Summer

    Into August lavender flowers are harvested by hand for fresh and dried bouquets, distilation, and culinary uses.

  • Distillation

    Lavender flowers are steam distilled in small batches into essential oil and hydrosol.

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