Welcome to Within You Farm

We are a new kind of farm. We are passionate about serving South-Central Pennsylvania with fresh, local, sustainable leafy greens.

within you farm hydroponic shipping container farm freight farm in mechanicsburg pa from outside

Hydroponic Shipping Container Farm

We grow our food indoors in a Freight Farms hydroponic shipping container. This allows us to bring you fresh food, year-round, without the need for pesticides. Hydroponic farming is very efficient, using less space and water than traditional farming. We also offset our electricity usage through renewable solar energy.

within you farm lavender field in mechanicsburg pa

Lavender Field

Planted in Spring 2021, our lavender field has approximately 900 individual plants from a variety of cultivars. Lavender has many amazing medicinal and culinary properties, a fragrant scent, and produces the beautiful purple flowers that we all know and love.

within you farm farm market in mechanicsburg pa

Farm Market

Set to be completed in early 2022, our market will serve as the hub for our farm community. We will have a unique retail space, local produce pick-up, and host events.

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