An Update on Farm Operations

An Update on Farm Operations

Within You Farm Community,

Today we have news to share that is both exciting and bittersweet. As of May 17, Within You Farm will no longer grow or sell leafy greens. While this may come as a surprise or disappointment, this is the right move for our business and family moving forward.

We started Within You Farm in 2021 with a few goals in mind. We wanted to connect our community to nature and their food, and to create a space where people can tap into their unique selves through events, education, and more. Our name, “Within You” Farm, is intended to serve as a remembrance of the innate wisdom, power, and love that each individual holds within themselves.

As we reflect on our ability to foster and enable this remembrance within our community, our path is leading us into areas other than leafy greens. We are incredibly proud of the product that we have brought to market hydroponically these past three years. We hear consistently that our greens have swayed even the most picky eaters, and in many households salad has become the star of the show at the dinner table.

To our regular greens customers, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support. The hardest part about this decision is disappointing those who cherish our greens each week. We have loved getting to know you through your regular visits to our market, and hope that we can continue to engage you through our other offerings.

We are excited to share that the Freight Farm unit where we grow our greens will continue to serve our local community in a new capacity at Mechanicsburg Area Senior High School. MASD will be leveraging the Freight Farm as a hands-on teaching tool to empower the next generation with practical skills in hydroponics and agricultural technology. We hope that many of your children or grandchildren will have the opportunity to participate in this program in the coming years.

This is far from an announcement that our business is ceasing operations, in fact quite the opposite. This change enables us to free up time and resources to realize our vision in other ways. Our lavender field is thriving. We have significantly expanded our product offerings in the past year, and shifting away from fresh produce will enable our farm market to evolve into a more robust retail space. We have a jam-packed event schedule at the farm this summer during lavender season, and will be sharing an exciting event announcement very soon.

Within You Farm is our home, and we intend to live here for the rest of our lives. With that, we are totally committed to building something that lasts, and to contributing to making the Mechanicsburg area an amazing place to live.

Thank you again to our supporters, community, family and friends. We hope to see you on the farm soon.

Ryan and Nina VanValin