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Within You Farm

Lavender Hydrosol Floral Water

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Our lavender hydrosol is steam distilled in small batches from the lavender field at Within You Farm. Hydrosol separates naturally from essential oil during the distillation process, so they share many qualities and benefits. Hydrosol is an aromatic floral water that smells like essential oil but is softer, more subtle, and less concentrated. It can be used on the skin as a facial toner or soothing mist, an all-purpose natural cleaner, or as an aromatic spray.

Within You Farm lavender field in Mechanicsburg PA

Within You Farm Lavender

Planted in 2021, the lavender field at Within You Farm features over 900 lavender plants across 5 cultivares. Grown with intention and enjoyed with gratitude in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. Learn more about our lavender.

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We make use of this lavender hydrosol around the home in many different ways. It has become our go to all around spray for cleaning and irritated skin.